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About Us

Our range of reliable waterproofing products can be applied to all roofs and surfaces. They are proven to prevent water leakage and protect against all weather elements, with long lasting results.

From brushing onto rusty metals or leaking balcony floors to coating a bituminous felt roof, Acrypol has the perfect product. Use this website to help you find the right product for your needs, and locate trusted suppliers in your area. The ultimate cold applied package.

Acrypol is a market leading manufacturer of cold applied liquid waterproofing and slip resistant coatings. Backed by its own specialist contractor division, Acrypol offers total quality assurance throughout every project, from site surveys to installation by its own expert teams. By working directly with the company that both manufactures and supplies the products, customers receive unrivalled standards of quality.

For all refurbishment projects alike, Acrypol's products offer ideal cost-efficient methods of repairing failing roofs or walkways to their original standard. Acrypol's services also include initial site surveys and specification to ensure the right product is used every time. This is backed up by 5, 10 and 15 year service warranties, depending on the product.

NB. For product guarantees, please contact Acrypol Products Head office prior to job commencement.

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