Environmental Policy

The company believes that continuous improvement in environmental management is an essential element within its overall business plan – minimising waste, consumption of resources and pollution goes hand in hand with high productivity and quality standards. This policy therefore applies to, and will be integrated with, all business activities, products and services with the potential to adversely affect the environment on a local or global scale.

We recognise and accept our legal duty of care toward the environment and are committed not only to complying with our legal duties and with other requirements to which we subscribe but to exceed these requirements where reasonably practicable.

Energy generation and consumption is a major contributor to the production of greenhouse gases and global warming. Although our use of energy is limited primarily to energy efficient IT equipment we will nevertheless seek to manage our use of energy, reducing consumption and continuously improving efficiency wherever possible.

We will seek to identify all processes that generate waste and will seek to avoid environmentally harmful disposal by eliminating, minimising or reusing waste products wherever reasonably practicable or, where this cannot be achieved, identifying and taking advantage of opportunities for recycling.

The basis of our environmental management system will be an ongoing review of business activities and the identification of aspects of our work that could have an impact upon the environment and the implementation of ongoing steps to eliminate, minimize or manage them so that adverse environmental effects are minimised.

To enable us to measure our environmental performance we will review the suitability of Environmental Policy and the performance of Environmental Management System in order to promote continual improvement year on year in our environmental performance.

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