Best Water Proofing Solutions Manufacturer 2017 – UK & Best Emergency Roof Repair Product: Acrypol +

Acrypol was formed in 1986 and its Acrypol + waterproof roof coating is instantly recognised as the market leader. We invited Wayne Morgan to talk us through the firm's achievements.

Acrypol offer long term treatments to failed domestic, industrial and commercial roofs using products such as "Ultra by Acrypol." This high quality coating can offer ten or twenty year guarantees and is VOC free and moisture tolerant. Wayne talks us through the types of clients he deals with and the range of services the firm provides.

"At Acrypol our customers mostly consist of builders and roofing merchants both locally and nationally, as well as roofing contractors, surveyors and specifiers.

"To support these clients, we offer a range of services from introducing the products to new customers to carrying out on-site roof surveys. Specifications and guarantees are available to clients. We endeavour to ensure the customer gets the best possible service from the initial enquiry, site visits and surveys, through to guaranteeing that the applicators are instructed on the best application methods required for the job. The firm then approves the job so it can issue the guarantee."

Wayne comments on how the firm approaches new projects, going through health and safety procedures and discussing what the projects usually consist of within the building industry.

"During application we ensure that the correct coverage is adhered to and that weather conditions are favourable. This is particularly relevant to Quartzdek, the slip resistant walkway coating.

"Operating within the repair/refurbishment market, we have to ensure that our specifications are accurate as poor roof surfaces can pose problems during application, especially when ponding water is present. However, our roof products can ensure the building stays dry for the long term."

Recently the sustainable building market has experienced a lot of changes and as such, in his concluding comments Wayne discusses these developments and how his firm will adapt around them.

"Fire legislation has recently become an issue due to recent tragic events. We are currently ensuring that our range of products are compliant with this to ensure customer piece of mind.

"Staff and myself are continually striving to keep ahead of the competition by looking at new and innovative products, keeping the market leading name of Acrypol at the forefront of the minds of the right people."

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