Acrypol’s Nu-life saves roofs from decay

When the roof tiles of the Sunningdale Estate bungalows in Preston became old and tired, Community Gateway Association needed to find a proven and easy to use product to turn back time on the sheltered accommodation. They found the ideal solution in Acrypol’s Nu-life, a cold applied roof tile renovation coating renowned for its versatility, reliability and durability.

The Sunningdale Estate, which consists of thirty one-bed bungalows, has been housing pensioners since 1964, but the roofs had never been treated. Due to this a serious moss problem developed on the roofs, affecting the tiles and the guttering, which were also deteriorating through age. In 2011, Nu-life was applied to a test roof and once Community Gateway were pleased with the results, it was decided that the project would go ahead.

Nu-life is a roof coating which protects the surface of a wide range of tiles, including concrete, clay, asbestos, mineral shingles and vertical. It combats the symptoms of tile deterioration, as tiles become porous and retain moisture after about twenty years. Nu-life provides resistance to weathering and environmental pollution, protection against moss, fungi and lichens, and reduces the stress on the roof structure.

For the roofs of the bungalows, the operatives first had to clean the roof by pressure washing it with detergent and scrubbing with stiff bristle brushes, ensuring that any accumulated dirt, moss and other detritus was removed. When the roofs were dry, the operatives were able to apply the fungicidal wash solution, in order to prevent moss and fungi regrowth which was then followed by the application of two coats of Nu-life.

Now complete, Nu-life has proved perfect for this renovation and thanks to Acrypol, the elderly residents of the Sunningdale Estate now have the homes they deserve, with roofs restored to their former glory and protected for many years to come.

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