Acrypol + gives office building new lease of life

When the built up roof of a sixties office building is surrey began to fail due to severe cracking, it was vital that the roof was made watertight using a tried and tested waterproofing system. Acrypol + from the UK’s leading manufacturer of cold applied acrylic polymer waterproof solutions was the ideal answer, offering reliability, easy application and a 5 year life expectancy.

Owned by Optic Asset Management, the six storey Sheer House in West Byfleet required a complete overhaul of the 573m2 flat roof to prevent any risk of water leaking into the building. Acrypol + was specified by surveyor Powell Williams for its proven track record with industrial, commercial or domestic flat roofs.

The uneven roof had sunk in several places which required reboarding and new felt prior to the application of the cold applied Acrypol + in solar white colour. The entire roof was sealed with Acrypol AS8000 sealer and then coated with Acrypol + solar white roof coating to provide a perfectly sealed membrane and absolute waterproofing integrity.

Acrypol + does not require the contractor to use adhesives or bitumen on site, and therefore reduces health and safety risks especially associated with buildings which must remain fully operational during refurbishment.

Acrypol + provided immediate, tough and durable waterproof protection by stopping leaks and encapsulating the perimeter guttering. Any trapped moisture in the substrate was able to evaporate harmlessly into the atmosphere, allowing the product’s unique compound to bond quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to the 5 year specification of the Acrypol + repair system, Sheer House will continue to offer watertight protection for many years to come.

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