Preserving metal buildings

Acrypol Metal-Kote can be applied in a single coat to combat flaking, rusting and peeling metal and plastic coated roofs. Applied directly with no priming, the exclusive formula offers a 100% waterproofing formula and outstanding adhesion. Perfect for waterproofing and renovating all profiled metal, Acrypol Metal-Kote's fast-acting protective composition protects and preserves the life, looks and performance of buildings. Even tears in metal can be repaired as good as new.

Fix failed metal roofs in one Metal-Kote

Metal-Kote from Acrypol is an exclusive cold applied solution for making failing metal roofs as good as new. Just a single spray-applied coat will bring an entire roof back to life for just 40% of the cost of replacing it, and without the costly downtime.

Offering incredible value for money in a tough economic climate, it is the perfect cost effective solution for building owners and a product guaranteed to give contractors an edge when budgets are tight.

It’s fast acting and non-intrusive, so businesses can carry on as normal with no drop in productivity during application – including the most sterile of environments, such as laboratories, medical buildings and food preparation areas.

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