Slip-free waterproof surfaces

Combining high performance waterproofing with a safe slip resistant surface is easy with Acrypol Quartzdek, an anti-slip flooring solution. Using real quartz granules, Quartzdek improves both the look and waterproofing integrity of balconies, walkways, exterior stairs, risers and even roof gardens.

One of the most revolutionary and versatile slip resistant surfaces around, Quartzdek anti slip floor coating is fast and easy to install. Available in three attractive colour mixes, and taking just a matter of hours to dry, it creates safe, anti slip flooring for all foot traffic.

Quartzdek - Cold applied formula

Quartzdek, antislip flooring from Acrypol, with its advanced slip resistant waterproofing system, is now even better! Its new and improved waterproofing formula means it can now be applied in low temperatures. Quartzdek’s high BRE rating indicates that it has extremely high anti-slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions. The secret behind Quartzdek is real quartz granules that are applied over a super-tough, flexible polyurethane waterproof resin, all sealed and bonded together with a final layer of resin. Quartzdek can be used over concrete, cement, asphalt and even quarry ceramic tiles. It takes just a matter of hours to dry and can be applied without any disruption to the building, allowing occupants to carry on as normal inside. Combining high quality water proofing with an effective non-slip surface, it provides comprehensive protection that will last for years.

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