System 10

Complete waterproofing refurbishment

Acrypol System 10 is the complete waterproofing refurbishment solution – offering exceptional performance, waterproofing integrity and solar protection in a single system.

Fast to install in just seven simple steps, System 10 can be applied over virtually any roofing membrane. With minimal disruption and offering outstanding value for money, the System 10 package includes installation by skilled Acrypol craftsmen and backed by a 10 year life expectancy for materials and labour.

Year round application

System 10 is a superior waterproofing solution that can be applied all year round - even in damp weather conditions. With a tough acrylic resin at its heart, System 10 prevents the passage of water whilst allowing trapped moisture to escape to prevent build up.

It can be applied in a fraction of the time it would usually take to fix traditional waterproof membranes, and System 10 is totally seamless, vulnerable areas such as upstands and vent outlets receive the same high level of waterproofing as the rest of the roof.

Specifically developed for the fast and cost effective refurbishment of commercial, industrial and public sector roofing, System 10 offers outstanding waterproofing performance at a price you can afford and from a name you can trust.

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