System 15

Advanced Waterproofing


Acrypol System 15 offers a total refurbishment solution for commercial, industrial and public sector roofing. Fast and easy to install, it offers specifiers and building owners a waterproofing solution at a value for money price. Delivering an attractive and seamless waterproof finish, it offers year-round application – even during damp weather.

A tough system for tough jobs

Acrypol’s System 15 offers a combination of Acrypol’s advanced waterproofing formulation incorporating a reinforcing scrim, which provides an attractive and seamless waterproof finish.

Cold applied, it can be installed in a fraction of the time it would usually take to fix other types of waterproof membranes. Because the System is totally seamless, vulnerable areas such as upstands and vent outlets also receive the same high level of waterproofing as the rest of the roof.

Unlike many other types of waterproofing, Acrypol System 15 can be applied during damp weather conditions. At the heart of the system is a tough acrylic resin that dries to a durable elastic finish.

It prevents the passage of water while at the same time allowing any trapped moisture to escape. It is unaffected by temperature change and offers maximum solar reflectivity.

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