Royal Mail

When the roof on a Royal Mail Building in Brighton, was showing its age, Quoin Contracts Limited needed to find a long lasting, economical and reliable way to repair it, which could be applied even in damp weather conditions.

They decided on the UK’s leading manufacturer of cold applied acrylic polymer waterproof solution, Acrypol’s System 10 with its proven track record for waterproofing and solar protection, along with the skilled Acrypol craftsmen would be the product for them.

With the only access being through the building and over 400M2 to complete, Acrypol’s System 10 was chosen as the best option for this contract. This was chosen as the application does not require the use of adhesives or bitumen on site, and therefore reduced the health and safety risks to all.

Acrypol System 10 provided an immediate, tough and durable waterproof protection which allowed the Royal Mail Building to remain operational.

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