Maidstone Sea Cadets

The Maidstone Sea Cadets are now free from leaks on their Quarterdeck roof thanks to Acrypol Products Ltd.

When the 164sq m roof on the Quarterdeck of Maidstone Sea Cadets began to fail, Maidstone Borough Council once again turned to Acrypol, the market-leading manufacturer of cold applied liquid waterproofing and slip resistant coatings.

Acrypol’s System 10 was chosen to tackle the problem.  With a tough acrylic resin at its heart, System 10 prevents the passage of water whilst allowing trapped moisture to escape to prevent build up and is a superior waterproofing solution that can be applied all year round - even in damp weather conditions.

The whole area was pressure washed to remove any contamination.

System 10, which comprises of a sealer to prevent bitumen bleed through, System 10 undercoat, whilst wet a polyester scrim is laid into it and allowed to dry, followed, finally, by the light grey topcoat.

Work on the project took a week to complete and means the Maidstone Sea Cadets no longer need to deal with wet conditions indoors.

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