Peter Halstead - Litespeed

From my very first contact with you and your colleagues Acrypol have been a joy to do business with.

Ryan was especially helpful and went that extra yard to help out and make sure we did everything to your high standards.

Please pass on my gratitude to Ryan when you next have the chance.

Daily Mirror - Dear Donny - 12/01/2014

Product of the Week - Acrypol +

This is a waterproof roof coating with fibres and is fantastic for coating over old lead-work that's leaking. It is applied using a paintbrush and is a simple way to protect flat roofs.

Daily Mirror - Dear Donny - 16/02/2014

Q. I've had a small local firm asking if I'd like my roof cleaned and painted. They did the house next door about 18 months ago and it looks a really good job. I was thinking of replacing my old roof tiles but this form say painting them with Acrypol could give them another 10 years.

A. MY old neighbour had it done and it was a big improvement, and they fixed all the broken roof tiles and ridge tiles. It was a pretty serious roof overhaul and it will definitely add to the life of the roof.

Daily Mirror - Dear Donny - 13/09/2014

Q. I need to repaint a bay windows lead roof. What primer can I use?

A. Lead is not supposed to be painted as it expands and contracts a lot and paint does not last. I would rub patination oil into it using steel wool. If you want to paint the lead for aesthetic reaosns, then use a Hammerite metal primer. If you're painting because of a leak, use Acrypol+.

Daily Mirror - Dear Donny - 20/09/2014

Q. The plastic coating on my corrugated steel garage roof is starting to peel off. Is there a paint for both the plastic and steel?

A. I use a product called Acrypol-plus for flat roofs. There is also a product called Acrypol Metal-Kote, for metal and plastic-coasted roofs.

Shufquat Shah - Category Manager / Building Materials - Wickes

"Following my visit to the Wimbledon store on their Trade Day (29th July) I wanted to feedback on the Acrypol stand and Charles in particular."

"The store was humming with activity outside but my arrival was later in the day so the majority of the Trade suppliers had left or were packing up their stands inside the store."

"I was greeted by Charles at the Acrypol stand:"

  • in a prime location
  • bridging the gap between the entrance and exit
  • customer facing

"I greeted Charles and before I could introduce myself fully...he was away! Very passionate and oozing product knowledge. He had a very slick sales pitch with a demonstration included but consciously altered it to answer my questions. He came across as very professional and looked the part with the Acrypol hoody."

"I left Charles after completing my introduction. My feedback from the store manager on the day was that he had kept to that level of energy and had helped sell-out the stock we were holding. Communicating detail that can now be utilised by our store colleagues to continue where Charles left off."

"The only improvement we could have made was to ensure more stock was pushed through to the store in anticipation of a sales boost."

"Please thank Charles on my behalf."

Alan Soden

"We have been very pleased with how the Acrypol + has worn."

Bob Bell - Senior Clerk of Works - Lambeth Living

"I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to you and your colleague."

"My colleagues have expressed that the seminar held on Acypol Waterproofing Solutions was interesting and very informative."

"They have also stated that some of the techniques recommended by you would be implemented in future works carried out by the department."

"Also the provision of lunch was welcomed and enjoyed by all in attendance and we look forward to any other seminars, which may be held by your company."

James Millar - Director - Sapcote Developments

"I thought I would write to highlight our thanks for the help and assistance we have received from one of your team."

"You may be aware of our name as we have been extensively working through our portfolio of close to 600,000sq ft of space applying your products either directly, or via approved contractors."

"Various options exist in the market for liquid coatings to apply to roofs and while we have found your product to be very good, it is really Raymond's input and guidance which has made us a loyal customer. He seems to be willing to always go the extra mile, which is a rare character trait in the construction business."

"If you could please pass on mine and my teams gratitude to Raymond for his ongoing asistance."

Acrypol+ Mention in Daily Mail